Zero for Two

Rain at the parade for the last two days. Mixing and pouring a concrete slab to replace wooden roof over the incoming water pipes at the pump house (scene of rattle snake massacre of last week) when a red wasp stung me just below my right eye on Sunday. Returned yesterday after work to remove form-boards and got another taste of wasp anger with a sting on the end of my nose.

They both flew at me as if propelled by a rocket. Straight line with no circling, no buzzing menacingly around me…just flew straight into my face and delivered the stinger and the toxin dose.  After four hours of ice pack and two benadryl tabs, my nose was still twice its normal size and my eyes swollen almost shut. Put a serious cramp in my swagger. – Payback is hell!

No selfie for this one. Eye still half closed this morning.


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