A “Special” Day

“I had a realization that slowly dawned on me a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been watching it out of the corner of my eye since. Like many children of a certain period, my mother told me that I was special when I was a young child. I must have believed her and that seems to be a problem for me”. (August 31, 2014)

For about a year I’ve drifted and thought off and on about the disappointment I have felt over acknowledging that I’m not “special”: I’m not exceptional in any way. Bummer.

Bummer or not, I’m moving on. I can’t see how this impacts me or the people around me (I think everybody else had figured this out long before it dawned on me) so I can’t see much changing except that I will be more mindful of my good fortune that I am still able to stand upright and take nourishment.


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