Cogito ergo sum

I am. I am black, white, brown, red, yellow, pink; young, old; male, female, some of both. I “am stardust, I am golden …”.  I am a small, brief point in time and space serving as a location for an aggregation of colonies of organisms. I am plural. Turns out I = we.

Descartes wanted a place to pin a certainty and he concluded that there cannot be a thought without a thinker and therefore he must exist. That’s a little shakier today than when he wrote it.

I wrote the two paragraphs above at least 18 months ago and never finished the draft. I was and remain appalled at the phenomena of the current fear of the “other”. I do not understand how we do not see ourselves in others. I am still troubled by tribalism, exclusivity, and demonizing anyone or anything we consider different.

I sincerely hope we can grow in this area and overcome these dark forces.


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