Young Old Person

Know any young old people? People who are full of life and joy despite advanced age? If you do, how do you think that happens? I wonder too.

In my early seventies I woke up one day feeling old. I don’t like it. I want to be full of life and joy till the moment I die. I don’t know exactly how to make this transition but I’m going to do it. My plan includes this blog, meditation, as well as updating and widening my frame of reference. Feedback from you is important to me in trying to figure this out.

My Frame of Reference

1960 I turned 16 and began to drive and listen to rock and roll on the car radio. Over the next 10 years I graduated high school, flunked out of university, joined the Army Security Agency, lived in Europe, married and became a father, went back to university and then to graduate school. Remarried after a divorce. During those years I came to love bop-era and progressive jazz, blues and sports car racing. Here is where the roots of my frame of reference sprouted.

After a full career in mental health, I went back to school to learn software development, networking and database management. Wrote code until I grew to dread it. Signed up for welding courses to learn steel fabrication and make my blacksmithing practice more practical. Returned to university art school to learn stone carving and bronze casting. Married to my partner/wife now for 45 years. Still listening to Blues and Jazz. Watching MotoGP and F1 racing often as I can.

What’s this blog about?


This blog has nothing to do with making money from any source. There is no source of research here there is only opinion, and occasionally a sense of humor. This is  intended to be a sort of journal to share. Because of my era, I like long form writing and reading in a conversational style. I spent a lot of time in my life learning business communications skills (read short sentences and bullet points) now I want to re-learn writing skills.

How does age impact interaction between individuals? How much do our assumptions (yours and mine) about aging impact communications? What can we share? How can we connect in a meaningful way? Can we both benefit in some way by making the effort?


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